ASTM A193 B7M Forged Eye Bolt, DIN 444, UNI 6058, M20, 76 MM

Key Specifications / Features

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Enhance your projects with precision-crafted ASTM A193 Grade B7M Forged Eye Bolts from our Chinese manufacturing facility. These bolts are meticulously crafted according to international standards, including DIN 444, GB 798, and UNI 6058. With a dimension of M20 and a length of 76 mm, they provide robust and reliable fastening solutions for your applications. Trust in our commitment to quality and adherence to standards for your bolting needs.
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Detail Information

Product Name: ASTM A193 Grade B7M Forged Eye Bolt
Dimension: M20
Length: 76 MM
Material: ASTM A193 Grade B7M
Standard: DIN 444, GB 798, UNI 6058


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