Factory Tours

Our factory
Established in 1990, our factory is strategically located in Zhejiang Province, covering an expansive area of 25,000 square meters. Over the years, we have developed substantial production and technical capabilities, complemented by a comprehensive array of advanced testing equipment.

The appearance of our factory

We adheres to a rigorous quality control system, having obtained certifications such as the API-20E and API-20F dual-concert certificate, CE Certificate, AD 2000 certification, ISO 9001 quality system, ISO 14001 environmental system, OHSAS 18001 occupational health and safety system, among others. These certifications reflect our commitment to meeting the diverse requirements of customers across various fields.
The workshop comprises 186 dedicated employees, with an additional 12 professionals in the Quality Control (QC) department and 6 experts contributing to the Research and Development (R&D) department.


Our factory is equipped with a complete set of manufacturing equipment for fasteners and gaskets. This includes cutting, forging, thread forming, and heat treatment capabilities, allowing us to produce high-quality products with precision and efficiency.
Workshops for gaskets and fasteners

Inspections and tests
Conducting Chemical Element Analysis, Mechanical Properties Testing, Impact Test, as well as Nondestructive Testing methods such as UT (Ultrasonic Testing), MT (Magnetic Particle Testing), PT (Penetrant Testing), and VT (Visual Testing). Our comprehensive approach includes a series of inspections and verifications to ensure the highest quality standards.

The third party inspection
Third Party Inspection, SGS inspect finished products.
Inspection range:
Spiral Wound Gaskets (Spiral Wound Gaskets filled with flexible graphite, with stainless steel inner ring and stainless steel outer ring;
Spiral Wound Gaskets filled with PTFE, with stainless steel inner ring and Carbon Steel outer ring;
Spiral Wound Gaskets filled with graphite with CS outer ring) Dimension check, Spiral Wound Gaskets Vision check, Spiral Wound Gaskets Quantity check, Spiral Wound Gaskets Package check. Check percentage 10% of each item for Spiral Wound Gaskets.