FG Filled Metal Gasket, 3/4 Inch, DN20, 300 LB, ANSI B16.20

Key Specifications / Features

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Explore our Flexible Graphite Filled Metal Gasket Factory in China, specializing in precision-engineered gaskets. Crafted as per ANSI B16.20 standards, these gaskets are designed for a 3/4-inch size (DN20) and Class 300 LB applications. Featuring a carbon steel centering ring, SS 304 inner ring, and a zinc coating, these gaskets ensure effective sealing.
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Detail Information

Product Name: Flexible Graphite Filled Metal Gasket
Size: 3/4 Inch, DN20
Standard: ANSI B16.20
Pressure: Class 300 LB, PN50
Inner Ring Material: Stainless Steel 304
Centering Ring Material: Carbon Steel
Base Ring: SS 304 Hoop with Flexible Graphite Filler
Carbon Steel Ring Coating: Anti-corrosion Zinc Coating


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