Discover our Spiral Wound Gasket Factory in China, specializing in FG Filler gaskets. Compliant with ANSI/ASME B16.20 standards, this gasket is tailored for 2-inch (DN50) applications with Class 600 LB and PN100 ratings. Featuring an inner ring made of SS 316L and an outer ring crafted from Carbon Steel, trust our factory's commitment to quality for your sealing requirements.


Introducing our ASME B16.20 Spiral Wound Gasket from a reliable supplier. Designed for 1-1/4 inch (DN32) applications with a Class 600 LB rating, this gasket features a Stainless Steel 304L inner ring, a Carbon Steel outer ring, and a flexible graphite filler. Trust our commitment to quality and precision for your sealing needs.


Introducing our ASME B16.20 Ring Gaskets, featuring high-quality construction with ASTM A516 GR 70 material and PTFE coating. Compliant with API 6A Norsok L-005 and IX-350 standards, these gaskets are designed for RTJ Flange Faces. Perfect for oil and gas pipelines, they provide reliable sealing performance in demanding environments. Trust our gaskets for robust and efficient sealing solutions.


Discover the quality of our Neoprene Gaskets, produced in accordance with ASME B16.21 standards. Specifically designed for 4-inch pipes (DN100) with a Class 150 LB rating and PN20, these gaskets are ideal for Raised Face Flanges applications. With a precise thickness of 1.5 mm, our gaskets provide a reliable seal, ensuring optimal performance in diverse industrial settings


Explore the excellence of our 2-Inch Expanded PTFE Gaskets, crafted in accordance with ASME B16.21 standards. Designed for 2-inch pipes (DN50) with a Class 150 LB rating, these gaskets boast the reliability of expanded PTFE material. With a thickness of 1.5 mm, our gaskets ensure a secure seal for various applications, delivering performance you can trust.


Introducing our ASME B16.21 PTFE Gaskets—precision-engineered for excellence. Crafted from high-performance PTFE material, these 1-1/2 inch DN40 gaskets offer a Pressure Rating of Class 150 LB, PN20, and a 1.5 mm thickness. Ideal for diverse applications, they ensure a reliable seal for demanding environments. Trust in our commitment to quality for long-lasting performance.


Explore our Stainless Steel 347 Ring Joint Gasket, sourced from a trusted supplier in China. This precision-engineered gasket complies with ASME B16.20 standards and is tailored for NPS 8 inches (DN200) pipes. With a Class 600 LB pressure rating (PN100), it ensures robust performance in various applications. The gasket, designed in an oval shape, offers reliable sealing solutions.