Full Thread Hexagonal Bolt, ASTM A320 B8M Class 2, DIN 933

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Model No.: FGBK-23-BN-20

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Explore our Full Thread Hexagonal Bolt Plant in China, specializing in the production of high-quality bolts. Crafted from ASTM A320 Grade B8M Class 2 material, these bolts adhere to DIN 933 standards. Tailored for an M30 size with ISO 261 thread, the bolt features full threading and a length of 180 mm. Trust our plant for precision-engineered components, ensuring reliable fastening in various applications.
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Detail Information

Product Name: Full Thread Hexagonal Bolt
Size: M30
Material: ASTM A320 Grade B8M Class 2
Thread: ISO 261
Length: 180 MM
Standard for Bolt: DIN 933


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