G10 Insulating Gasket, Type F, 2 Inch, 2500 LB, PTFE Seal

Key Specifications / Features

Model No.: FGBK-23-G-100
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Our G10 Insulating Gasket, supplied from our reputable source, is a Type F designed for high-pressure applications with a Class 2500 LB rating. This 2-inch gasket features a PTFE Seal, G10 + SS 316 Core Retainer, Zinc-plated Steel Backup, and G10 Sleeves & Washer. Count on our quality gaskets for reliable insulation in demanding environments.
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Detail Information

Product Name: G10 Insulating Gasket
Type: F
Retainer: G10 (GRE) + SS 16 core
Seal: PTFE Spring-energized
Sleeves: G10 (GRE)
Washer Isolating: G10 (GRE)
Backup: Zinc-plated Steel
Size: 2 Inch
Pressure Rating: Class 2500 LB
Design: For Ring Joint Face Flange

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