G10 Insulation Gasket Kit, DN65, 150 LB, Viton Seal, Type E

Key Specifications / Features

Model No.: FGBK-23-G-104

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Our G10 Insulation Gasket Kit Plant in China produces top-notch products, including Type E gaskets designed for low-pressure flange applications. This kit features a Viton Seal, 2-1/2 inch size (DN65), Class 150 LB rating, and components like the G10 Retainer, Washer, and Sleeves. Count on the quality and reliability of our insulation gasket kits for effective flange sealing and insulation.
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Detail Information

Product Name: G10 Insulation Gasket Kit
Type: E
Size: 2-1/2 Inch, DN65
Pressure Rating: Class 150 LB
Retainer: G10 (GRE)
Seal: Viton
Sleeves: G10 (GRE)
Washer Isolating: G10 (GRE)
Backup: Zinc-plated Steel
Design: For Low Pressure Flange


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