Model No.: FGBK-23-BN-156

Our Hot Dip Galvanized Threaded Bar, produced in China, is manufactured from ASTM A320 Grade L7M material. This threaded bar has a length of 70mm, a size of M16, and is designed for low-temperature service. The hot-dip galvanized coating enhances its corrosion resistance, making it suitable for various applications.

Model No.: FGBK-23-BN-154

Our Stainless Steel Fully Threaded Bar, manufactured in China, is crafted from ASTM A193 Grade B8, which is equivalent to SS 304. Compliant with ASME B16.5 standards, this threaded bar has a dimension of 1 inch and a length of 235mm. It is designed for reliable and corrosion-resistant performance in various applications.

Model No.: FGBK-23-BN-152

Our Fully Threaded Rod, compliant with ASME B1.13M standards, is produced in China. Crafted from ASTM A320 Grade L7M material, this rod has a length of 72mm and is coated with a black finish for added durability. With an M24 size, it is suitable for various applications where reliable and robust threading is essential.

Model No.: FGBK-23-BN-150

Our Partially Threaded Rod, sourced from China, features a double end thread design with a length of 75mm. Manufactured from ASTM A320 Grade B8M Class 2 material, this partially threaded rod offers excellent corrosion resistance, making it suitable for diverse applications. The M14 size ensures compatibility with various systems, contributing to its versatility and performance.

Model No.: FGBK-23-BN-146

Our Fully Threaded Rod, crafted from ASTM A193 Grade B7 material in China, adheres to the ASTM A153 standard for a hot-dip galvanized coating (HDG). With a size of M20 and a length of 85mm, this fully threaded rod is designed for optimal performance and durability. The hot-dip galvanized coating provides enhanced corrosion resistance, making it suitable for various applications.

Model No.: FGBK-23-BN-182

Our Double-Ended Threaded Bar, manufactured according to API 20E BSL 2 standards in China, is a reliable and robust solution for your applications. Crafted from high-quality ASTM A193 Grade B7 material, this threaded bar is designed for durability and performance. The 1-7/8 inch size, 115mm length, and 8 UNC thread make it suitable for various projects. With a yellow zinc coating for corrosion resistance, you can trust this double-ended threaded bar for secure and dependable connections.

Model No.: FGBK-23-BN-184

Our API 20E Double Headed Stud is designed to meet high-performance standards, making it an ideal choice for your applications. With a substantial size of 3 inches, this stud features partial threading and is crafted from ASTM A193 Grade B8M Class 2 material. The 8 UNC thread ensures secure connections, while the 330mm length provides versatility for various projects. Rely on this double-headed stud for dependable and robust performance in your applications.

Model No.: FGBK-23-BN-162

Our Double End Threaded Metal Rod, compliant with API 20E BSL 2 specifications, offers robust performance for your applications. With a diameter of 1-1/8 inches and a length of 5.75 inches, this rod features threads conforming to the 8 UN standard and a Class 2A rating. Crafted from high-quality ASTM A193 B7 material, its yellow zinc coating ensures corrosion resistance and enhanced durability. Rely on this threaded metal rod for secure and reliable connections in your projects.

Model No.: FGBK-23-BN-148

Our Electrical Zinc Coated Threaded Bar, manufactured to the highest standards in our Chinese facility, ensures exceptional performance in challenging environments. With threads adhering to ISO 261 specifications and a length of 130 mm, this bar is crafted from premium ASTM A320 Grade L7 material. Designed to withstand temperatures as low as -52°C, it guarantees reliability and durability in demanding applications.