ASTM A453 660 Bolt and Nuts, ASTM A286, ISO 261, ISO 4033

Key Specifications / Features

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Introducing our ASTM A453 Grade 660 Class A Bolt and Nut, sourced from a reputable supplier. Crafted to ISO 261 and ISO 4033 standards, this fastener features a bolt sized at M42 and 440 mm in length, made from ASTM A286 material. The product includes an impact test at -196 ℃, ensuring its reliability in extreme conditions. It consists of 1 stud bolt paired with 2 heavy hex nuts.
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Detail Information

Product Name: ASTM A453 660 Bolt and Nut
Size: M42
Length: 440mm
Standard: ISO 261, ISO 4033
Material: ASTM A286, ASTM A453 Grade 660 Class A
Special Requirement: Impact Test at -196℃
1 Stud Bolt Full Length Threaded with 2 Heavy Hex Nuts


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