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Introducing our Flat Gasket Supplier, featuring Garlock Gylon 3500 gaskets with PTFE and silica. Designed for ASME B16.47 Series B standards, these gaskets are ideal for 32-inch fittings in Class 150 LB applications. Perfect for liquid services with strong acids and hydrocarbons. Trust our gaskets for reliable sealing in demanding environments.


Welcome to our Dielectric Flange Gasket Kit Factory, where we specialize in providing comprehensive solutions for fluid sealing needs. Our kits feature Garlock Gylon 3500 gaskets, complete with G11 sleeves, washers, and ZPS (zinc-plated steel) components. Specifically designed for applications involving strong acids, steam, solvents, and other challenging fluids, our kits ensure reliable insulation and sealing properties. Trust our products to deliver exceptional performance and durability in even the most demanding environments.


Introducing our Insulation Gasket Kit Supplier, offering premium components including Garlock Gylon 3500 gaskets, G11 sleeves, and washers. Designed for 3-inch ASME B16.5 flanges and rated for Class 300 LB applications, our kits provide reliable insulation and sealing properties. Featuring zinc-plated washers for enhanced durability, these kits are ideal for various industrial applications requiring effective sealing solutions. Trust our products to maintain integrity and performance in your operations.


Welcome to our Ring Joint Gasket Factory, where we produce top-quality gaskets from carbon steel. These gaskets, with a maximum hardness of 120 HB, are perfect for high-pressure and high-temperature environments. Specifically designed for BX154 fittings, they feature a zinc-plated surface treatment for added durability. Trust our gaskets for reliable sealing in critical operations.


Introducing our Non-Asbestos Gasket Factory from China, meticulously engineered to meet the demanding EN 1514-1 Standard. Crafted from high-quality Tesnit BA-U material, our gaskets are designed for 8-inch (DN200) fittings, suitable for Class 150 LB and PN16 applications. With a precise thickness of 2mm, our gaskets ensure a secure seal, guaranteeing reliability and efficiency in industrial settings. Trust in our gaskets to deliver consistent performance and peace of mind for your operations.


Our 3-inch ASME B16.21 full face gaskets feature a high-performance blend of 100% virgin PTFE bonded to EPDM rubber. Designed for Class 150 LB applications, these gaskets offer superior chemical and corrosion resistance for reliable performance across diverse industries.


Our PTFE bonded EPDM gaskets are manufactured in accordance with the ASME B16.21 Standard, ensuring high-quality and reliable sealing performance. These gaskets have a size of 2 inches (DN50) and are designed for Class 150 LB (PN20) applications. The PTFE bonding provides enhanced chemical resistance, while the EPDM material offers flexibility and resilience, making it suitable for a wide range of applications.


Our Klinger C4430 flange gasket plant in China produces top-quality gaskets designed to meet stringent standards. These non-asbestos gaskets are crafted for ASME B16.21 specifications, with a size of 4 inches (DN100) and a Class 150 LB (PN20) rating. Renowned for their excellent chemical resistance, these gaskets ensure reliable performance in demanding applications.


Our non-asbestos isolation gasket kit, Type E, is designed for optimal performance. With a size of 6 inches and a Class 150 LB rating, it features Klingersil C4430 material, ensuring reliability and safety. The kit includes G10 sleeves and washers, along with ZPS steel washers, providing a comprehensive solution for ASME B16.5 FF flange applications.